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Let's hold dear our planet

Let's hold dear our planet

We live in a wonderful world. It has long been sang by a jazz genius, and the melody, together with the lyrics meaning, was imprinted in our hearts so sincere. We all know how astonishing our planet is, but sit in stuffy offices, cramped apartments, diminutive houses, or vice versa, luxury rooms in hotels, private manors or multi-storey cottages. We appreciate that things which we have created by ourselves or purchased from professionals, and when the rest time comes, we strive to fly to the same luxury hotel rooms facing the mountain landscape, but spend time at the bar or by the pool. We go on a picnic, but are too involved preparing meals. We love merry gatherings with a guitar and a good booze. People live in this world, but do not feel it for real. Can you remember when for the last time you rejoiced sensing warm sun, blue sky, pleasant breeze? Not just because you did not have to take an umbrella going to work, or because of the opportunity to put on comfortable footwear and not to get into a puddle. Do you often notice beautiful patterns on leaves of the trees which you are passing daily? We see the world around us, but we do not notice it. But after all we are part of nature. And in the best case, we take it for granted, in the worst - we kill it. Let's reflect what if it is not eternal? So let us save nature, learn it, travel, observe, enjoy and be beholden that we live in this world. This info site helps to remember all the incredible corners of our planet.

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